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Complete the game in 5 hours?


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How tight is the time? Is 5 hours plenty, or do you really have to struggle through the game to do this in time? I have nothing against playing this game a second time if it takes like 3 hours without too much effort, so it'd be useful to know.

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5 hours ago, grifteskymfning said:

I've heard that the time is quite tight, but after reading that I never even bothered finishing it the first time, so take that with a grain of salt.


Yeah, really can't be arsed with the speedrun unless I really like the game or it's somewhat laxed. 5 hours seemed like it could have some lax time, but eh. I'm not going to rush through an RPG clicking everything as fast as possible to reach the end unless it's FF9!

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Just did it. The time limit is very lenient if you already know how to play, where to go and what to do. I clocked in at about 4 hours when I was done, and this was after farming XP for almost 45 minutes before the final boss for extra comfort.


I wouldn't recommend it for a first playthrough though.


FYI the counter stops when you open the menu. So you can take all the time you need to shuffle your deck and choose your power-ups.

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