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Good PS3 games without online trophies


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Hitman: Absolution has some trophies that might look like they require online but can be easily achieved by creating a secondary PSN account and accessing the game from there.  Those trophies don't require actual simultaneous interaction with other people, so it's fine.


Just Cause 2 is ridiculously fun and doesn't have online trophies.  Same for Dishonored, though it's a completely different kind of game.

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Simply put all of the Sly Cooper games. To get the platinum in 2 you basically just need to beat the game, 1 is only slightly a=harder than 2, 3 and 4 aren't as easy but they aren't hard either. Plus they're all fun as hell (well 3 was a drop in quality but its not bad by any means). Other ones are the Jak and Daxter HD remakes, God of War Series, Uncharted 1, the arkham games, infamous 1, Guacamellee and soundshapes

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Killzone HD if you want really easy. Mass Effect 1 and 2 if you want to enjoy a story to go along with it. Dragon Age: Origins (though it will take grinding), Dragon Age II. God of War Collection. 

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