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So good to finally see!


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I’m so happy to see that Summer in Mara finally has a trophy list. This is a game I ended up backing on Kickstarter because I absolutely loved their other game Deiland. 

The switch and steam versions have been out a while now - but with the release of a trophy list that should mean that the Kickstarters who pledged for Xbox and PS4 releases will get there’s soon! 

I’m excited!

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Deiland is a pretty good game, it's weird that indies get this stigma attached to them for being horrible games. Just because they haven't got the triple a budget but I sometimes find them more fun to play than triple a games. 


Hopefully this is as good as Deiland and probably will pick it up once I've heard more about it. 

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Just completed on an alt account, wasn’t bad but not worth full price. I think a lot of the worse reviews are taking that into account, without price as a factor it’s a decent extremely simple farming/fetch quest/animal crossing ripoff/whatever genre this is, just some QoL issues with stuff like not knowing how many ingredients you have left without cycling to max.

Big tip for anyone, keep at least 5 of every item if you don’t want to get stuck. Multiple times I sold out my shells or lettuce or other items because I had a billion and wasn’t using them, bam, the next recipe I need to make needs shells. Only takes a few minutes to find them but it’s an annoyance not knowing what’s vendor trash and what isn’t.

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