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17 hours ago, sirmoney123 said:

How do you high five in multiplayer?



For this trophy, you first need to play through the first MP level Weight for Me! found in Colossal Canopy world. This can only be done through couch (Shareplay works too) or online coop (coming late 2020). To be able to unlock the High Five Emote, you need to earn a Gold rank here. Then, enter Zom Zom's shop, scroll over to Emote, and assign your new High Five Emote to any of the D-Pad keys. Now activate a second controller and create a Guest user on your console. From the game, hit :x: to have them join your game. Now choose any level and have the two Sackpeople face each other and simultaneously press the designated key on both controllers to perform a High Five Emote and unlock this trophy.


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