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Fabric wont drop after upgrading both pouches to max


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I got both my quiver and ration pouch to max level, using up every last fabric I had in the process. Just came across an Altar mystery where I need to donate some more but I havent found any in ages, anyone know which zones actually give more fabric because im getting none from the higher level areas like Glowcestre and Euriviscire


EDIT: I went around and looted between 5-12 little chests in every single zone, didn't get a single Fabric. It seems that Fabric just wont drop anymore after upgrading both pouches to max level, this has bricked my chances at completing the offering in Eurvicscire. Since its a Mystery, I need it for completion and without it, the Platinum is unobtainable.


Dont waste your time upgrading one of the pouches to max level, just keep the Fabric instead.

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