Glitch?? Sliding Mirror won’t move.

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In Redwood Steppe there is a ruin where you have to light all flames including both sides of the Talisman (1of the 9 needed), after sliding the mirror towards the debris end of the slide (the debris is covering part of the track that the mirror slides along) to light one of the torches with mirror ricochet shot you then have to slide the mirror to the other end of the slide to ignite the next torch with a double mirror ricochet shot. The problem is the first mirror despite getting the bird to fly to it will not slide the mirror towards me, it’s stuck!! So I have 8 Talismans and no way of getting the final one.


Would have been helpful if the developers had put a failsafe in where if a puzzle is left unsolved and you leave the area it then resets.

so unless something is done about it it looks like I may have to restart from the very beginning.

Might be a good idea to save on alternate save slots after each puzzle solved.

Good game though, enjoying it otherwise :)


Second play through: Have now got the Talisman mentioned above, once I got it I moved the mirror again as far it would slide so it was right next to the debris and once again the mirror was then stuck...SO WHATEVER YOU DO DO NOT SLIDE THE MIRROR AS FAR AS IT WILL GO TOUCHING THE DEBRIS, just slide it in line with the already lit flame and you will then be able to slide it back for that double ricochet shot :)

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