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Will PS4 Games saved on an external HDD still receive the performance boost on PS5?


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Well even using a USB 3.0 external SSD, you are only getting 1/10 to 1/20th of the possible speed of the drive. So if using a reg external I wouldnt expect performance boost. I think that is also why PS5 have another internal bay for a extra SSD in the future.

Performance as in loading speed. Im sure games will look better on PS5 whichever drive.

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1 hour ago, TekkenKing10 said:

I'm wondering if PS3 games saved on an external HDD will still receive the performance boost on the PS5 or if you have to install these games on the PS5's internal SSD instead.


Has anyone tried it? Are there differences in performance?

I'm assuming it's a typo and you mean PS4 games. PS4 games are not optimized to take full advantage of SSD. You will get some improvement in loading times, but not as much as in PS5 games where the SSD is part of the equation. Advantage of better memory bandwidth, improved CPU and GPU will still be there though. So yeah, they will run better, even on external HDD. Loading times might not be as good as when you install them on SSD, but that will vary from game to game. As long as the NVMe slot is not available, you can get an external USB 3.2 SSD and the difference compared to internal drive should be barely noticeable.

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