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Hi everyone!


Wanted to introduce myself and share my story of getting into trophy hunting. So my name is Iliya, I am 29.

Most of my life I was a PC gamer and didn't care much for trophies/achievements. I did end up buying a PS3 in 2013 after watching a playthrough of the Last of Us because I wanted to experience it for myself, but after this it was mainly for when friends were coming over so it really didn't get much love. 

In 2018 I finally bought a PS4 mostly for the exclusives. I did notice the trophies and didn't really care, but it all changed this year. I bought the Last of Us Part 2 on launch day and went in completely blind. Although it was a controversial game because of the story choices I enjoyed it a lot and after finishing my initial playthrough noticed that I actually was very close to platinum, so I thought, what the hell, I might as well go for it. I liked every second of it, finding the Easter eggs and not plowing through the story as fast as I could, taking it all in. I tried myself a bit with some easier games and decided to try and platinum one of my favorite franchises - Uncharted, experience that ended up with 5 new platinum trophies, and because I was never a hardcore gamer crushing difficulty almost broke me at some point, but it made the experience much more rewarding in the end.


So after 4 months and 25 new shiny platinum trophies, I wanted to say thanks to this community for the guides and making me feel not alone in this hobby. Of course I would love some suggestions on what game should I do next!



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9 hours ago, arsenal4life1471 said:

spiderman is a good shout especially the new one miles morales as its shorter also far cry series is great :)


Thanks for the suggestions! I already did the both Spider-Man, and you are right, they are awesome! :)

About Far Cry, I actually find it very difficult to play FPS with a controller. I did 100% Far Cry 3 and 5 on PC, and because I enjoyed them I bought Far Cry 3 PS4 on sale recently and it was really a struggle for me. On the other hand practice makes perfect, so I probably should go back to it.



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