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Rational Mind trophy.

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Hey guys and gals. Can anyone point me kindly to what should I do to get the Rational Mind trophy?
This is the only thing I have left to do for the platinum and I have absolutely no clue how to make that happen. I also wanna point out that I don't have access to Curator's Cut even tho I bought the game in a pre-order so that's a no go for me, and this is where I read somewhere that the quickest way to do that is actually in the Curator's which I don't have because I have no idea why.
Do you guys have a clue how to give John rational trait in the Theatrical Cut? Is there any way to do that in that mode?

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Okay, listen guys. I managed to do this by myself a minute ago. So if anyone is looking for a solution for that as well I'm going to post it below.
Bare in mind I played in Theatrical Cut, no clue how to do that in different modes.

- So in Theatrical Cut whenever you are playing as John I picked only the head decisions, if there were decisions with heart only I didn't pick anything. So - choose only the head ones every time you are controlling him and are given the option to talk.
- I picked the gun while playing as Andrew so I would be able to instruct him as John to use it on Angela. (I made sure Angela survived her first and second encounter with her monster so she can wander in the sewers)
- I didn't inspect the poppet thingy as Andrew in the museum that was on a display. In fact, I didn't inspect anything since it was one of the many playthrougs of mine and I already had every collectible/secret.
- Later in the game when the group is taking a break in the woods, Angela will emerge from the woods in the distance looking like a creature, you need to instruct Andrew as John to wait for a clear shot at her.

And this is how the trophy popped up for me and finally got the platinum. :)


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For those that didn't get the rational trophy after following the above and killing Angela and have the rational trait 'big' in the trait menu, you can try this:

Continue but make sure that when you play as Andrew, that you kill Daniel by choosing Daniel instead of Taylor and then fail all QTE's to save Daniel.
The Reflection flashback (fireflies) will be with John instead of Daniel and you'll walk as John towards the factory. In the dialogue before the factory pick the head options and it should pop after picking 'It might be a theory, but it's all we got'. Not sure what the description of the first head option was but this combination adds a little bit to rational and for me that was enough to pop the trophy. I don't think it actually showed a pop-up with an arrow up for rational, but you still get a bit added for it.

Somehow on earlier playthroughs where I continued with Daniel dead, I always picked other combinations at the factory and not getting the trophy. But this combination finally worked for me and it got me my platinum as well!

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The above strategy worked for me, thank goodness. I forget the description of the first head option as well, but it was the one on the left. Then the second one is "it may be a theory but it's all we got". 

Major thanks to Kolm for finally ending the platinum nightmare. I don't think I'll be picking up the next game if the list is anything like this one.

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@yowzagabowza Glad to hear it helped you out!
The relationship trophies were pretty annoying and this one especially.
Having to restart from the start of the chapter every time made it even worse.


I was already happy that co-op was no longer required as the co-op collectables picked up in a part for my partner, didn't register for me.

Little hope always crashes and corrupts the save for my friend so he wasn't even able to finish it after many tries.

So... I have doubts about the next game as well...

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3 hours ago, BaseLuna429 said:

Hi everyone


is it possible to get this trophy via chapter selection or I have to start from beginning?

In general for all relations trophies, you can start from the first chapter that contains a relevant choice but after that you'll have to play through all chapters until you reach the point of the trophy.
Not sure if it's possible that you get locked out from a first choice by making mistakes before though. It's been awhile.

Sometimes you can check if you had the first few choices right by checking the red and green things between the 2 people it's about. And if you do chapter select you might be able to check the traits and see if rational is already there.

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