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Thoughts On Zombies

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Anyone else think that this installment of zombies is actually ... pretty good. Ive been playing since WaW and this is some of the most fun i've had. It has that good balance of complexity for hunters and simplicity for people just trying to casually play with really good atmosphere and tight controls. Wonder if I was the only one on here who thought that because often people just write off all the non-black ops zombies. 

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I totally agree. This zombie mode was great! I really liked the cartoon like style and the fact it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Thankfully, because the SP and MP are the worst from all the CoD’s I’ve played so far.


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I have almost done all the Easter eggs and played most of the zombie maps and I also think that this zombies mode was the most fun.

Most of the maps have such a dark tone and atmosphere which is fun but gets kind of boring after a while.

That is why IW zombies was just so much fun because the maps were so much different than every map before. Hope they will bring these kinds of maps back in future COD games.

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Zombies in spaceland was great

the rest of the maps kinda sucked though to be honest.  And the guy behind IW zombies no longer works for Infinity Ward, since i last checked, right around the WW2 time of CoD, he now works for treyarch and sadly we will never see willard wyler or the rest of the Zombies cast from IW

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