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Make it rain....


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I had the same problem when I wanted to catch the Caramel Poptick that only appears when it rains. It was my last one and I wasn't aware of it until the end.

Sleeping and checking the map for the weather forecast in the top right didn't work, even after 30 times of sleeping for different lengths it kept saying the same.


What worked for me in the end was this:



If you have nothing else to do and this is the last thing you need in order to finish your collection, well, I have some bad news: the only way to make it rain is to stand there and wait.


We've tried sleeping to reset the day over 100 times, including setting it to all different times of the day, and it's simply no use. There is no way, that I have found, to consistently make it rain.


When I finally got it to rain in Garden Grove, this is what I did:

  • Go to Garden Grove and sleep in Beffica's cave
  • Wake up at 5 AM
  • Head to Flavor Falls and stand outside the cave
  • Wait there for two in-game days



I found this trick over here:



It started raining at 8:45pm for me but I'm not sure if I waited 27 or 51 in-game hours, I wasn't really paying attention to it, I just checked the weather forecast from time to time on my map until rain was on his way! :)


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