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I am stuck now for hours in the pit. I went from high mid 30s to 24:65s. I watched many many videos already on them. I have the layout memorised:

- First area: 1st left, double, centre, right, up right, up left, left

- House: 1st left, double, knife the one at stairs

- Roof: double right, double left

- Last area: double left, double centre, double centre


I am starting with M9 and change to US45 at the stairs for quicker knife. The random layout is pissing me off. Every video has the same layout but in my game even after restoring the last checkpoint the layout still changes. The first target in the house on the left appears to the right. In the roof where I am losing a lot of time, sometimes they put a little girl target between the two targets on the right. And the ones on the left are most of the times not aligned at all. One is by a wall (left) and the other starts by the opposite corner, so aligning them takes me at least one second, because after shooting the two on the right I have to move all the way to the left wall to align them YAY!


Update: I got the time to 22s but the layout is adding a new target sometimes by the center of the window of the house. I don’t know if this is a bug as the other targets are not resetting.

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