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Here is a 100% way to avoid glitches on the NA version


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Not my type of game, but it was very cheap, so, I played on alts accounts till I "discover" an easy way to avoid 100% of the glitched trophies:


First, follow the 3 playthroughs of BadDriver's video, I tried others, but "his" method is the fastest: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeTvPlEeXJE



The story trophies aside of the endings, will never glitch, but the miscs ones and the endings will problably glitch, so, to avoid that, play each playthrough on a different SAVE SLOT and just CLOSE the game via PS Button BEFORE playing each final mission (don't worry, your game is already saved and you can continue from your save slot), so:



Close before "This Love" (best place to do the damage trophies, you can also retry from your save slot even after beat it);
Close before "Farm";
Close before "Redemption".


That's it, due to the percentage completion, people are unlocking trophies without too much trouble, but with the way described here you'll have a painless platinum even if you don't like puzzle games like me.

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3 hours ago, Lorajet said:

I saw this game on the PSN Store, and it looked interesting.  Was it an enjoyable game or?


Yes, it's enjoyable and addicting, but the first time I played I sucked and the trophies glitched so bad that I almost give up, thats why I posted, the glitches can easily ruin the fun. 

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