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Stuck at 111% - Need Advice


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Hey gang,


I am stuck at 111% and I cannot for the life of me figure out where I am missing that last percentile. I have looked through other forums and other people's solutions are not mine I fear, and I've racked my brain to no success.


I have all trophies except for the one for 112% and the plat.


It has been awhile since I played and I only picked it back up tonight to finish out some trophies, most of which I was able to complete so my memory of quite a few things is a bit foggy too.


I have:

All Charms (40) (Trophy)
All Mask Shards (Trophy)
All Vessel Fragments (Trophy)

Soul Vessel

Awoken Dreamnail
All Seer Rewards + Saw Seer For Final Words (Trophy)
All Collesium Trials have been completed (Trophy)
All 5 Pantheons + Godtuner have been completed (Trophies)
All Nail Upgrades
All Nail Arts (Great Slash / Cyclone Dash / Dash Slash)
All Spells + Dark Upgrades  (Descending Dark / Abyss Shriek / Shade Soul)

11 Charm Slots

Shade Cloak
Mantis Claw
Crystal Heart
Monarch Wings
Isma's Tear

King's Brand

Grimm Troupe DLC has been completed (Trophy)


I believe I have defeated all bosses - there are no missing names/statues in Hall of Gods in Godhome (Godmaster DLC) at the very least.


I do not recall if I did all three Dreamers but I figure I must have, because I do know I got both endings, and it seems by reading up I would've had to encounter all 3 Dreamers to even get to the final boss. No Dreamers are showing on the map.


No Warrior's Graves showing on the map.


I do have all 40 charms on me - none are with Divine. I only upgraded Strength with Divine so I have Fragile Heart, Fragile Greed, and Unbreakable Strength for those 3 Charms.


This is driving me nuts. Any help, greatly appreciated. 




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You saved me probably hours of searching! Had a panick attack. I was following the guide and stuck at 111% even though this is my 2nd time playing now at the NA version.


I went to the seer and indeed she was there and after talking again I hit 112%.


Endless thank you for this post :D !

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On 11/27/2020 at 1:57 AM, IntrepidHunter said:

Edit - I just got the trophy.


For anyone else having this issue, you may have to go talk to the Seer again (even though you already talked to him and he disappeared he may be back - he was for me and I do remember speaking to him - hell, I got the trophy for it).


After you speak to the seer you can check your completion percentile - and apparently for the 112% trophy to pop, you will need to beat the game, watch the credits, and then have the scene with the mushroom guy soaring into space. Once that is finished, your trophy and plat will pop. :)


Olá, estou com esse mesmo problema, poderia detalhar melhor esse retorno da vidente, pois fui até lá e ela não estava, obrigado



Hello, I have this same problem, I could detail this return of the psychic better, because I went there and she was not, thank you




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On 17-01-2021 at 3:45 AM, DETONATiONN said:


Olá, estou com esse mesmo problema, poderia detalhar melhor esse retorno da vidente, pois fui até lá e ela não estava, obrigado





You must be missing a spell upgrade. Probably the one you get on the left part of The Abyss by using up+O.

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