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Question about Checkpoints


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I'm not sure if im missing something or not - I'm playing on Vet. - And have noticed. when i tell the game "resume Campaign" it always resets me to the start, Dispite when or were my last checkpoint was - Example - CH1 - I got to were ya need to main the MG40s to fend off some germens - but I had to go to work, So the game hit a check point, and i quit the application, Apon coming back home, And hitting "resume (Triangle)" it put me back on storming the beach


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Like the above person mentioned

Reach said check point and always quit to the main menu screen so this way here it forces your game to save

Its like those indicators on most games that say, “do not power off your system when this icon is flashing” To prevent system corruption or in your case, checkpoints not saving accordingly 

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