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PS4/PS5 compatible games as multiplatform titles?

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So this is most likely a topic nobody really cares about but am I right in thinking a multiplatform game is defined as one that can be played across multiple platforms (PS3/PS4/Vita/VR) with access to the same save file if necessary?


So does this now mean all the 99% or so of PS4 games that can now also be played on the PS5 will or should become multiplatform. 

For anyone who isn’t sure what I mean I’m referring to the section in every profiles stats page that lists how many games under each platform are installed on the profile and the icons to the right of the games list stating the compatible platforms for each game.

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But those titles for example beyond two souls have a physical copy available for each platform. Of course ps now is different because it’s digital. But there is a ps3 version of the game AND a PS4 version of it hence why it isn’t multiplatform. You cannot play the ps3 version on PS4 and vice versa. The PS4/PS5 compatible titles have only one version playable on both consoles. 

Of course some games have two copies for example maneater. That has a PS4 version and a PS5 version. So PS4 version would be multiplatform - playable on both, and the ps5 version wouldn’t - playable on PS5 only.


13 minutes ago, Shadiochao said:

No, it only counts as multiplatform when a game has been ported to that system. Otherwise a bunch of PS3 titles would be marked as PS4 because they're available to play on PS Now.


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