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What are the best privacy options for those of us who want to keep our trophies viewable but not our games?


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I like to the way it used to be, anybody could see my trophies, including right here on PSNprofiles. But my games were hidden, more importantly my hours played, and most recently played were hidden.


I like to appear offline often because I want to play solo, but now everybody could see what game I started playing, even how many minutes ago I started playing it, regardless if I am appearing offline or online. So this defeats the purpose of appearing offline.


What I’m wondering is the following. Is it possible to...


-Keep my trophies visible to everyone, including this site.


-Hide my games from others or at least hide my last played games and my hours played. 

If it is possible, can someone please tell me what privacy options I should choose. Thank you.

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Don't know what I can tell you.  It appears on the PS5 you need to keep both the games and trophies viewable if you want to check stuff out on your gaming profile on this site.  I don't think anyone ever looks at what I'm doing, my past games, or how many hundreds of hours played so I don't see it as a problem.  And, if someone noticed it took me 500 hours to beat a Ratalaika game, well, so be it. xD

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