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Games Like Chickens On The Road Have Ruined Everything


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Value is yours to evaluated when you complete the game you love or you completed the challenge that you are willing to take. Nobody or nothing can devalue that from you.

This isnt ruined anything as Platinum trophy system still going strong since PS3.

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I might not be forced to buy these games, but I sure am forced to see them. For example the Switch sales section is a complete trash fire every time I go there. I've probably passed on buying games because I got so tired scrolling through the shovelware. Same goes for looking up new trophy lists, or release schedules for upcoming games. There's usually no real filter either.

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I’ll never understand people who care this much and don’t hide their shit games like okay you’re mad because people will go out and get the platinum 3 times in this garbage but when you do it with sound shapes or singstar we should be impressed? I just don’t get it 


At the end of the day just play whatever you want

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