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Defensive Measures - Mission Glitch


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Helly everyone


I'm at the objective "Survive the Attack" of the mission above in



I beat all the enemies, scanned with my bird to find some extra on and behind rocks in the distance.
Killed those enemies also but nothing happens. The Builder just keeps standing at his pillar? I tried reloading saves, changing my language...Any tips / help on how I can fix this?

I have a save 30 minutes before this quest. Maybe load that one in another language and try to beat the mission again and making a manual save just before the start of this mission "Defensive Measures"?

Then if it might glitch again, quit



and continue the story in England and come back later?


Any fixes or tips on how to prevent this would be greatly appreciated ?

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5 hours ago, Vault-TecPhantom said:

Yep, you need to reload the save. I also encountered this glitch and reloading an auto save from the start of the mission helped.


Managed to do it by reloading an exclusive quest save :). Why does it have such a strange name? :)

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