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Selling PS4 games with free upgrade


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Just a question to be prepared. If I upgrade a PS4 game on disc to the PS5 version and SELL it after, does the buyer get the upgrade or only the PS4 version? Is the upgrade for only one person?


~Got my answers, thank you. ?

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Its a disc version, it has no ID or anything, you can't write stuff on it, it just upgrades to PS5 version on your account. You can then rebuy another game disc and you will still have it upgraded on your system/account, even thought it was never "upgraded" before. 

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You can't sell your PS4 games after upgrading. You have to have the PS4 disk in your PS5 to play them. Unless I am misunderstanding your question and you're not asking about selling your PS4 disk immediately after upgrading.

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