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What’s the best (or fastest) way to reach rank 20 with all role?


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I just mostly played Gold Survival. I really enjoy playing with four people and protecting the bases.  I did 90% of my leveling up that way.


Really, I think it boils down to what you enjoy the most in Legends and doing that repeatedly. I didn't care for the story missions that much, so I stuck to survival. 

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On 12/5/2020 at 0:19 PM, IDiivil said:

Play the first story mission over and over, at whatever difficulty you're geared to handle. Everyone does that.

I don't understand this, i've seen a lot of people mention this but it is factually unpractical, i have a rank 20 ~85Ki item character, this took a while to lv because of getting the items/figuring out the game, after that i moved all my 85Ki items to my Rank 1 Hunter, did a story mission(~ 10 minutes) like people suggest and got it to rank 2, ok, now i went to a survival silver quickplay, finished all 15 waves in ~30 minutes and got to almost rank 6 in one go, why would I do the same story mission for 250 experience when i can do survival silver for way more?

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Gold story, speed runs are the fastest. I got all roles to 20 without much effort. You must do all bonus objectives. It's a fun mode, i wasn't struggling. I did the raid in my first go around too. Survival is good but you'll be holding your group back if your gear isnt semi optimized. 

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With a solo approach, I've leveled up the ronin by completing all story missions on bronze and then grinding mission 1 for a while (one run was taking 10 min or so), now I'm farming progressively better gear while leveling the other classes by doing the first mission/first survival map  (first round) on silver and then gold (equipment is shared between roles). I'm almost KI level 80 now. Might be boring but it's an almost effortless task I do when I have small amounts of time to play and progression is constant.

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The fastest way by far is to play raid chapter 1 with your main character then leave the lobby and rejoin with a different class at the end before passing through the completion gate. As chapter 1 can be completed in around 30mins  by a competent team this is by far the best xp/min


Raid chapter 3 is also good. It can be finished in 5-6 minutes but the rewards are significantly lower.

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