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Metal Gear Ray boss fight method I've used

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I had so much trouble with this fight on Hard difficulty (and I've still got extreme to go!), but I found a fairly reliable method that I adapted from a bunch of posts I found online. I wanted to pass this on in case others needed the help I did!


The main gist of it is to not be greedy, and spam chaff grenades.


- First thing I did was equip the SP Wig for infinite ammo, hopefully you've collected enough dog tags!

- I start off with the usual rounds of Stinger attacks on the first 3 metal gears, knee then head, until I get one down that it's going to jump in the ring.

- The moment you've done the third round of attacks on the first metal gear, run towards the other side of the ring, and the moment it lands, run to the side to miss the plasma cannon.


Now the meat of the fight begins...

- I always run side to side, changing direction between attacks, along with tossing out a chaff grenade each time. This keeps the effect going the entire fight.

- I tend to stay back, to prompt the knee cannons. As they're about to hit, dodge in the direction you're running. Very important. It is after this attack that you pull out the Stinger to knee and head attack the one in the ring. Only do this once, throw another chaff, and continue moving.

- Everytime you can, stay back and prompt the knee cannon's and always attack after it. After 4 attacks on a metal gear, it'll swap out and the next one will jump in the ring.


The only risk I came across is the random homing missle attack from the outside metal gears hitting you. Chaff grenades increase your chances of not getting hit, but it's not full proof unfortunately. But that's why we have Rations, right? I also do go in to collect new rations when they appear, but you just need to play it safe around the stomping and the plasma cannon.


Hopefully it's helpful to someone!

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The knee missiles are definitely the most annoying part, it's hard to dodge and will likely one shot you in extreme. So the best way I found to deal with it is to just harass the Ray that is on the platform so he never does it. You really want to chain your missiles so it can't do anything between your attacks. This is possible by first shooting the knee and head as usual, then it will readjust its position by doing some sort of step movement with each leg, at this point you want to shoot a missile at the knee, without the homing system, if you got the timing right, the missile will explode right when the Ray's invincibility frame finishes, and he will fall again on his knee so you can attack the head, you need to do this three and a half time to finish one (meaning either 4 knee+head combos or 3 + a single missile in the head without knee, but I recommend 4 because it may shield its head by doing the machinegun attack or have enough time to do the knee missile).


For the other two Rays that are on the side, I'm not exactly sure why but they didn't do much, I suspect it's either because they would stay outside of my field of view in my back or sides, and maybe there's something in the game that prevents them from attacking when it happens, or maybe it's because I'd kill the one in the middle so fast (by chaining missiles) that they wouldn't really have time to do anything, since when you kill one in the middle, another moves around to take its place, the third also moves around because it's likely that it just spawned, generally they do their shout animation and then move around too. I'd also shoot missiles randomly at those on the side when the one on the platform died, alternating between the two, either knee or head I didn't really care, that was just to stop them in their momentum and let me catch some breath before the next one jumps on the platform.


I don't know what chaffs do because I didn't use any but I guess it could be a nice addition, though I'd recommend you stick with the body armor all the time for a little bit more survivability and room for error, anyway it's easy to switch to wig just when you throw your chaffs; for stinger you can just grab the ammo boxes, they respawn very fast. In Extreme you only have 3 rations in the whole game as far as I know that have scripted "locations" so to speak, because two of them are tossed by Snake, one for each room of tengus, when your health goes orange, the third one is on the Ray platform, that's it. I managed to keep the two from Snake for the Rays (by going hidden behind cover and kneeling to recharge health until it's back to blue), but still used all three during the Rays on my successful try. I saw people say on the net that you can get rations by shaking guards but after a dozen shakes and only getting ammo from a couple of them I just gave up. You don't really need them anyway besides for the few fights at the end because you're meant to do the whole game with stealth (provided you haven't been lazy on dogtags, big mistake if you did) and the other bosses just one shot you for the most part or are super easy/cheesable.

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