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I mean ....this game on nightmare is way worse than a real nightmare ?

And even playing on the  vita using the touch screen what is one million times easier than with the joystick....even this way is extremely hard .... imagine only being able to play on a joystick....I wanna see how many players will get this one,got luck to them 

I m curious... there's anyone there of the 9 people who achieved the 100% who did with a joystick?

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Haven’t tried it on the PS5 controller but so far it’s going okay on the PS4 for me…I mean I don’t own a vita so I can’t really tell if it’s easier with touch or not… but I will say that Unleashed by far is worse than sparkle 2… I’m having such a hard time with the survival levels which I just blazed through in Sparkle 2… but I will still say it’s doable… I mean it might be harder but I managed to beat Sparkle 2 with a controller so I’m up for the challenge xD

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I kinda got that feeling just from the survival mode as I could barely get 3 stars in the first level when I had no issues at all with even the last levels of Sparkle 2 survival… so I am a bit scared this is never gonna get to 100% for me… but I sure as hell will try xD I struggles a bit with nightmare on both ps3 and PS4 sparkle 2 so I’m prepared for the worst at least… but for me I think it’s easier with controller than touch personally… just miss that aim function from sparkle 2 a lot where you could hold the shoot button and see exactly which direction the ball would go :P

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