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OC/DC is missable?


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Hey, can anyone tell me if side missions have these optional objectives? I got 2 out 5 and didnt even notice it which ones are or arent optional, and the guide says this challenge is missable. The game doesnt tell you if the objective is optional or not and i am confused

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Optional objectives are clearly marked as such by a blue + but it's entirely dependent on the mission as to if there's an optional objective or not. Outside of 2 trophies (Guardian, Guardian and Who you Gonna Call?) nothing in the core game is missable so don't worry if you miss a few optional objectives here and there :).

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If you're playing The Handsome Collection on PS4 then the challenge isn't missable because you can repeat the mission "L33t h4X0rz" at the end of Claptastic Voyage as many times as you like and it has two optional objectives.

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