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Unblockable tropy doesn't pop


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Hi all, I bought madden just to play face of the franchise (don't recommend buying it just for that lol) last week and now that it's over Im trying to clean up trophies and get the platinum. This unblockable trophy has been making me go insane the past two nights, I've done 15 minute quarters and have done at least every move for a sack or a loss. I've finished games with 20+ sacks and this thing hasn't popped. I've watched all the YouTube videos regarding it too. I don't have a second PS5 controller to make things easier though. 


Has anyone had trouble with this and ended up having it pop? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Got it to pop just now with 3 sacks, here's what I did.


- Didn't use any custom rosters (I'm sure it shouldn't affect anything but I've been using a 99ovr Colts roster for this the past couple of nights)

-Don't simulate or jump to different plays (I simulated to defence always prior)


hope people who had the issue like me are able to get it. I understand people might have unlocked it using the opposite things that I've done but im just telling everyone the exact thing that I did.

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