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    • DrakeHellsing

      [Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame] So far, I am enjoying this one, I can see how different it is to the other games in terms of the levels.  Breaking the city up into sections and playing each section as a story, then having the whole place available to you outside the story in free roam.  At least, that's how I'm seeing it in terms of collecting things.
      · 0 replies
    • Trophy Huntress

      3 More days for World of Warcraft Classic. I joined a guild and been having a good time talking to them on the Discord. We are eagerly waiting for the launch of Classic.
      I am going to play female dwarf priest. I wanted to name her ThiccGurlHealz but that wouldn't fit.
      I haven't earned a single trophy in 2 weeks and I couldn't care less. When MHW:Iceborne launches I'll be earning trophies again
      I ate some white cheddar popcorn earlier today, the one that comes in the black bag. It was nice : )
      Some spicy memes


      · 1 reply
    • damon8r351

      I just finished filling out my profile for USAJobs, which is the website to apply for jobs with the federal government, because I want to keep my options open in the future. I hadn't filled out the resume yet though, because the type of jobs I want with the federal government require a four year degree I haven't even started yet and I'm not even out of the Navy yet.
      Lo and behold, shortly after I get an email with the subject line "Are you interested in an opening at Federal Bureau of-" [remainder cut off]. My first thought was "Who the fuck is desperate enough to recruit someone with a half assed profile and no resume"? No, just a coincidence. It was an advertisement from Sony about some new game called Control. I just happened to fill out a profile for the federal job recruitment site on the same day it came out. And no, though according to the website there is a certain degree of recruitment from agencies going on if you have a really desirable skillset, it takes a fuckload of legwork to get interviewed for a federal job.
      · 2 replies
    • Dr_Mayus

      Hey Winnipeg is trending
      Turns out the NFL completely fucked up bringing the Packers/Raiders game here.
      Maybe if the NFL players didn't get so tired running they could play on our larger fields without having to move the goal posts closer  
      · 4 replies
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