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    • percy547389126yv

      #279 PS4 version of Deep Ones
      · 0 replies
    • Spaz

      Platinum #142: Metro Last Light Redux
      Last Light is the second part of two games based off the Metro 2033 novel. Moscow and Russia have fallen to nuclear disaster, leaving the survivors to live in metro tunnels and cities underground.
      The game takes place right after the events of Metro 2033 Redux. Arytom learns from Khan that there is a little Dark One still alive. Finding and communicating with this Dark One is vital, as the game reveals Arytom has a relationship with the Dark Ones from the past. Meanwhile, a war is brewing as the Rangers, the Reich and the Red Line fight to secure D6, a place rumored to store vast amounts of food and water. How the story ends is up to your actions.
      Last Light Redux plays just like 2033 Redux, so I don't need to go on a long conversation about the game. Filters, ammo, gas masks and guns are present. Just about everything you had in the previous game is here in Last Light Redux.
      The only notable difference I saw was the addition of DLC levels. On the PS3 version these were separate from the main trophy list as you have to pay for them. Here they are included.
      There was nothing overly difficult about this game. Getting most of the Moral Points was tedious, as was finding all of 43 Arytom Diary Pages. The atmosphere stands out as you are playing in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Even though this is a remaster, the environments and details were lush. I definitely enjoyed my time with Last Light Redux, and I personally think it is a better version of what the Fallout games could of been.
      I definitely recommend if you are a FPS fan. I'm definitely considering grabbing the book, and will look forward to the new Metro game when it comes out.
      · 0 replies
    • EMS_IaN

      like why is my trophy information stating that I am 4 hours ahead of my actual time zone ? where do I check this setting at ?
      · 1 reply
    • Avatar_Of_Battle

      Birth By Sleep is going to take some getting used to again. However, once it's done that's all the PS4 versions finished. Might even find the games I was looking for by the time it's platted lol.
      · 0 replies
    • skateak

      If I wanted to get the Bloodborne 100% in one playthrough, at what point should I start the DLC?
      · 9 replies
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