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    • cr1s

      I've received a couple of messages about the massive explosion that happened in Beirut on Tuesday and I wanted to let anyone who may have been wondering know that I'm okay. I live far enough from the site of the explosion that I was uninjured and the only damage that happened to my house was a broken door as a result of the shockwave. I have some family members who live not far from where the explosion happened though and, while their house was heavily damaged, they're thankfully all uninjured.
      Corruption and negligence struck yet again, and the result this time was 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that had been stored in the heart of the capital for years destroying half of the capital and leaving dozens killed and missing, thousands injured, and hundreds of thousands displaced in its wake. I can't find the words to describe such a tragedy...
      It's been one misery after another for the past year in particular in this godforsaken country. I thought it couldn't get any worse than our ongoing economic meltdown, but I guess anything is possible over here... I know some countries are in even worse situations and I don't wanna be that pessimistic but damn, our unprecedented crises are just unbelievable.
      I've been trying my very best not to give in to despair in the midst of these uncertain times and I've had varying degrees of success with that. Some things such as my job and hobbies (gaming / trophy hunting, music, and anime) provide much-needed respite, but I've experienced many bouts of emotional instability over time. With everything that's been going on, I can't help but be very worried about the future...
      I'm not one to write such statuses as I keep to myself otherwise, but I needed a platform to clarify my situation and let some of my thoughts out... *sigh*
      · 1 reply
    • preciseRNG

      buying new games is fun 🐢
      · 0 replies
    • Kristen Danielle

      I could really stand to pull a Kenny Chesney right now and hit the islands for a 'Key's In The Conch Shell' kind of lifestyle.
      · 0 replies
    • RedRodriguez87

      (Anarchy Reigns) Starting Hard mode now. Lord, see me through this playthrough.....
      · 0 replies
    • Spaz

      Platinum #246: MLB 15 the Show (Vita)
      Definitely not a platinum you guys are going to see anytime soon, let alone have somebody post it here on the forums. A platinum in a baseball game, an older one at that.
      There is a story on how I got this game. I could not find this on the PS Store, so I ended up paying a copy from eBay. There is no actual physical version, as you get a voucher code you input on the Store. The code expired back in 2017 - 2018, so I was fairly certain it would not work. But it did, and I actually got this to download for my Vita.
      If you guys have played Madden, FIFA, NBA 2K and other sport game franchises, MLB the Show is the same sort of deal. Most of the trophies consist of doing certain achievements, like doing a double steal in a game, making three double plays in one game, and getting 7 RBIs with one player. For Madden there would be something like rushing 200 - 300 yards in one game so in baseball getting a bunch of doubles (reaching second base off a base hit) is to be expected.
      Unfortunately like with Madden NFL 11, I had to adjust sliders to have a chance at a number of trophies. Two of them (Sorry Kid and Nope) are entirely down to luck, you can get them very early or you could easily spend 10 - 15 hours trying to earn them. I got a big break in one game as not only was I able to get Sorry Kid (catch a foul ball out of the field of play) but also get 7 RBIs with one player and use the Cut Off Feature. Three trophies in one game, not a bad deal.
      Not much I can say. It's baseball, I'm sure we've all heard about it even if you don't like the sport. Due to a pandemic, I may go ahead and play MLB 18 the Show, as that is another baseball game that has been sitting on my backlog.
      Trophy list isn't difficult, but is pretty much highly dependent on luck. One of the big reasons why a lot of sports titles have crappy trophy lists.
      · 5 replies
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