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    • Ruukan

      Hey stranger, If somehow you've stumbled onto this page don't be afraid to leave a comment, I don't bite.
      · 2 replies
    • dokkanexpert

      Final Form Coora & Android #17 have been announced as the next DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ.
      · 3 replies
    • Crispy_Oglop

      Platinum #90 - South Park:The Fractured But Whole - Really enjoyed this one. I still prefer The Stick of Truth as an overall experience though and this one kind of ended really abruptly from a story point of view. I'll definitely give the DLC a go when I have time. Not that it matters, but it's a bit weird that there are no trophies for that content.
      · 1 reply
    • Spaz

      Platinum #162: RiME
      RiME was a Playstation Plus title this past February, but only just recently did I start playing the game. For what it's worth, it's not too bad of a game, but it gets rather boring.
      You play as a young boy who has awoken on a beach somewhere. The story isn't exactly told in a traditional manner, as no spoken dialogue is in the game at all. However a little fox shows up and guides the kid through a series of puzzles and obstacles, with sentinels, a prehistoric bird and otherworldly creatures.
      I still don't quite understand the story, but the game's strong points is the atmosphere and detail to backgrounds. RiME does it's best to show good atmosphere, with soothing music to go along with it. I consider this game to be more of a walking simulator than a game full of adventure, as RiME lacks good characters. You explore locations, you pick up collectibles, you solve puzzles to proceed to the next area of the game.
      RiME is a short but sweet game that shows an emotional side of things in nature. If you played games like Abzu and Journey then you will enjoy RiME. However this is a game that isn't for everyone, as it got rather boring for me after a while. It doesn't overstay it's welcome, there is nothing remotely difficult in the game at all and it provides a three to five hour journey through four different areas. It has it's share of collectibles which I unfortunately had to go out of my way of to collect.
      If you want easy platinums, RiME is not a bad choice. Those who like action oriented games may want to skip this one.
      · 1 reply
    • Rewemarkt66

      Morning forgot again, lol
      · 3 replies
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