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    • starcrunch061

      @Phil You asked some time ago how Monster Jam compared with Truck Racer. No comparison - Truck Racer is light years ahead in terms of fun and play-ability. A truly sad indictment of Monster Jam, I know.
      Anyway, playing a bunch of stuff right now. I even started Diablo 3 last night, until my wife got sick at her stomach and we quit. But Star Ocean 4 consumes my gaming thoughts. Time to put that rabid puppy out of its misery.
      · 0 replies
    • Undead Wolf

      Every time I see more of this game, my excitement level gets even higher! It's gonna be awesome! 
      I guess if you ask some people, America already looks something like this.  The reveal of a certain person towards the end of the trailer has me hoping for a throwback to that boss fight from Wolfenstein 3D. I always thought he would be a brain in a jar or something in this universe. 
      · 0 replies
    • Dreggit

      I'm almost back to full health. Have been very sick in the past week but should be better by Thursday. Been playing FF13 in between resting sessions and medicine. Once I'm fully rested I'll resume working on my guide projects.
      A question was posed to me recently if I thought if PSNP would get any new mods. While the site traffic doesn't necessarily need a new model yet from what I see, if we got a large influx of activity on the appeal forum (we average currently 144.5 appealed games/month. Number comes from individual game tallies in dispites, not disputed threads) I'd say the user most deserving of getting a mod promotion is @Sergen as they've proven to be quite useful across hundreds of appeals and follows that specific forum closely.
      @MMDE I have been working on a side project in my free time for the staff and users of the appeal forum that I'd like to show you soon as a rough concept. Would you prefer a Google sheet or Excel?
      @BlindMango I'm looking to get a scanner (portable) for guide making for when I need to transfer physical data and maps/drawings for guides. Do you know of any good scanners for purchase.
      @Sly Ripper I believe I spoke of it a long time ago but I'd like to host an event with money prizes sometime next year. I couldn't do it last time I brought it up due to unexpected circumstances but I shouldn't have issues this time. If need be I can relay more information if you'd like via pm.
      I've enjoyed FFXIII so far but the gil farming is kind of lame haha.
      I had more to say in general but I've forgotten.
      · 4 replies
    • LightningCharm

       #38 - Megatagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies
      Added Bonus: Made it to Level 17. 
      · 1 reply
    • Sigma999

      Watched Pingu in the City ep.1 and i can already see why it has such a high rating on MAL now , currently at 8.87 but it deserves more 
      · 0 replies
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