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    • Xenoblast91

      I wasn't expecting that Warface would be so much fucking fun. Honestly, I haven't had a blast of enjoyment like this since long, long ago. I can even say that this was the FPS that I was hoping to play on PSN.  
      @Honor_Hand I don't know why, but oddly, I find that this can actually like you in ways you couldn't expect. 
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    • SonicMTD

      So I finally set up my PC. I still need to get a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor. What should I get/avoid when looking?
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    • AihaLoveleaf

      Platinum #13 - PlayStation Move Heroes

      Platinum Trophy

      PlayStation®Move Hero
      "Obtain All Trophies"
      Rarity: 4.28% (Ultra Rare)
      Time to Completion: 9 years, 11 months
      Difficulty: No PSNP guide, PST Guide Rating 4/10 (link)
      PlayStation Move Heroes. If you're anything like me, no doubt you'll see this or a game like this on somebody's profile and immediately go "What the (expletive) is this (expletive)!?" 
      Hopefully your questions can be answered in today's write-up. I was a bit nervous going into this one, because there were just so many unknowns about the game and the Platinum experience overall. I went in almost certain that something would rear its ugly head and bring this Platinum attempt to a screeching halt. Fortunately, the Platinum still got done, so let's see if I can make you at least a slightly more informed gamer on the topic of PlayStation Move Heroes.
      PlayStation Move Heroes is an Action-Adventure game developed by Nihilistic Software and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2011 for the PlayStation 3. The game released during a time when Sony was really pushing the PlayStation Move onto the PlayStation playerbase, in their earnest attempt to capture some of the magic (and sales) of Nintendo's wildly successful Wii console. A full Move setup is required here, players will not be able to play this game with only a DualShock 3. Trophy hunters especially should be aware that a second wand controller is required if you want to obtain the game's Platinum trophy.

      It wasn't enough to push sales of Move units, Subway also needed to sell more sandwiches. Play Hard, Eat Fresh!
      Let's get right to it, then. One of few things most inquiring trophy hunters are probably wondering is "Is the game any good though? How is it?" If I can summarize my enjoyment of PlayStation Move Heroes with a single word, it would be:
      Meh. The perfect word to describe my experience. In defense of PlayStation Move Heroes, the game isn't terrible: Controls are, for the most part, pretty tight and responsive. The gameplay, unambitious as it is, is at least consistent throughout and doesn't throw too many curveballs at the player on the way through. On the other side of the coin, though, PlayStation Move Heroes really fails to capture the player with an experience that most players would consider fun or memorable. You're just kind of... there. You're there, whipping your Move Wand around in front of the camera through game modes resembling party games that you've probably played on the Wii in a mildly engaging walk to the finish line. 
      While we're here I will briefly describe the gameplay. PlayStation Move Heroes has you playing through about 60 levels with a cross-over cast of characters from Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter, and Sly Cooper. Gameplay modes include Disc Tossing (Controlling discs midair with the wand to free Whibbles from cages), Whip Combat (Action stages using whips as melee weapons), Bowling (Throwing and controlling the path of a bowling ball with the wand), Shooting (third-person style combat with a gun or grenade launcher), and lastly Melee Combat (Your standard hack'n'slash with hammer, axe and cane). For each level your goal is to achieve the Gold Medal (which is often little more than simply completing the level), and for most levels early on you also are on the search for hidden collectibles which unlock costumes and, ultimately, trophies. 

      Each character has access to helpful special abilities, which I assume are all inspired by each character's source game
      Your own enjoyment with PlayStation Move Heroes is going to come down to how fun you find the gameplay modes I described above. The game did eventually grow on me a little bit, and some modes, such as shooting and disc tossing, did eventually come to resemble something very remotely similar to fun. However, I dreaded dealing with Melee and Whip stages, as all the quick waving motions in front of the camera often got painful after a while, and occasionally I found that a whip attack may not respond when I really needed it to in the heat of things.
      I should also mention that I have, as of this point, played none of the series being crossed-over in PlayStation Move Heroes. My searches online for impressions by other players largely consisted of highly disappointed fans, sad that the cross-over they waited years for had to be the bland, forgettable experience that is this game. Characters here do manage to be entertaining and interesting, but I can't say that I was hyped or motivated by PlayStation Move Heroes to play any of the games its characters came from.
      This is probably the section most trophy hunters really want to see. I get it, you're looking at a seemingly easy game with an Ultra Rare Platinum that you could possibly be sizing up to see if it's worth your own time to Platinum. 
      Overall, PlayStation Move Heroes is not a terribly difficult game. I wouldn't say that it's a total cakewalk, though. There are a few moments the game will make you sweat. For example, the much feared "no damage clear" (for a single level) trophy is present here, with all the frustrating and stressful BS that comes with it. Additionally, difficulty does start to ramp up considerably as you progress into the game's Diamond Challenges, which are additional challenges in previously played levels with less conveniences than before such as lack of health powerups. 
      Reading the above paragraph probably made it sound like I just described a game that is more like a 6/7 out of 10. Don't worry, PlayStation Move Heroes isn't that hard. Even the game's most challenging moments are quickly conquered with some time spent retrying, and by the time you get to the Diamond Challenges, you've had so much practice that you're mostly breezing through them even with the increased difficulty. If anything, I mostly had the feeling that the developers were holding back, because this game actually had plenty of room to be absolutely brutal in difficulty, while being within acceptable limits that I wouldn't have been able to call out the developers for. With a game like this, though, I'm more than glad the decision was made to keep things simple. My review would be a lot more sour if this game opted to overstay its welcome, requiring hours of practice to slam-dunk perfect runs on levels that amounted to little more than Wii minigames. 

      The dreaded whip levels, which had me painfully waving my arm around like a crazy person. The things we do for trophies.
      As mentioned before, you'll need two Move Wand controllers to get the Platinum in this game. This is because the game has a Team Play mode where you can play through every single level with a second player, who, fortunately for trophy hunters trying to solo, is simply another crosshair on the screen. In Team Play, the second player has the ability to assist the first player by shooting projectiles at enemies, or feeding bonuses to the first player such as health or time extensions for timed missions. This can turn every single mission in the game into an absolute cakewalk where you have virtually unlimited time and unlimited health to breeze through every level. If you have a friend, partner, sibling or spouse willing to endure this game with you, a second player will definitely help out a lot. 
      Should You Play PlayStation Move Heroes?
      Probably the most important question of today's review. For the large majority of players out there, I'm going to say no. If you don't already have the full setup necessary, you're going to be spending quite a bit of money for what will most likely end up a disappointing or boring experience. If, like me, you popped two trophies in this game ten years ago and want to come back for completion, you'll be relieved to know that the game is at least pretty quickly completed, and most players will be done with PlayStation Move Heroes within 2-5 days, depending on how much you devote yourself to marathoning all of the missions. 
      Ultimately though, most players should skip this one, especially the hardcore fans of the franchises being crossed over here. There's way too much to lose and your chances of disappointment and frustration are way higher than what I endured as an outsider to it all. Unless you've already started and need to finish, your time and money are better spent elsewhere.

      See you next time. 
      · 0 replies
    • Kristen Danielle

      Ooops! I did it again! 😱 I couldn't resist this one! That color is gorgeous! I name all of my tails after women from the Bible and I already have Naomi, Ruth, Deborah, Esther, and Abigail. For this tail, I wanted to invoke a feeling of boldness and bravery, so I chose Rahab and her scarlet cord as the next namesake. ♥️

      · 0 replies
    • madbuk

      #433 - Metro: Last Light
      · 1 reply
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