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Tournament Champion Trophy


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i have contacted the developers. Its a bug. 

To get the trophy you have to win the final game as the home team.


I recommend to upload your savegame in the semifinals to the cloud. Home rights are always randomly assigned before the final.

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I made a backup of my semifinal game and I played the semifinal 10 times and each time I was the Away team in the final match. I played as Germany, I was on the right side of the bracket and Russia/Ireland (left bracket) would always be the Home team in the final. Out of the 4 bracket games, I was the Home team only once. Unless I'm insanely unlucky, my theory is that you need to be on the left side of the bracket to have a chance at being the Home team.


I started a new tournament, picked Germany. I was placed in Group A.

I conceded my first game by pausing the game, and hitting :triangle:, then :cross:.

I won the next two games to qualify for the round of 16.

I was placed in the top left corner of the bracket. I was the Home team for all 4 bracket games. After 3 failed tournaments, I finally got to be the Home team.





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