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'get up mr bubbles trophy'


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8 hours ago, XSweightlol said:

every tutorial i find on youtube always have a hard method for getting this trophy

so i made a video with my method which is easier than the majority of guides


Hey. Cool method. But you can improve it (as I did myself before, in my own words). Place the ball on the spikes when it is in the center of the field. Then you fly up almost to the ceiling (to take off, briefly press the cross twice, then the left stick towards yourself until your car takes a vertical position, and then hold the circle to take off directly). If you do not reach the ceiling, then in the mutator settings you can set the accelerator power to X2 or X10. Then, when the action of the thorns ends, and you simultaneously, but separately, will fall down, press the pause button, choose to change the team, choose the side opposite to the initial one, and roll the ball into the goal for which you play after the change of side of the team, that is, yourself yourself after the shift.

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