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Field drone missing


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I'm trying to ask to Bethesda but nobody is answering so I ask here again: I cannot find the field drone that I'm missing: I've checked again every one of them, I deleted and then re-installed the game but the problem is still there: the menu is showing all the field drones collected, but I miss a weapon mod(the stun bomb). Did anyone experienced the same issue? I've seen many people who get this trophy early because of another glitch, but It's not my case. Do I have to replay the game?


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I had the same issue where the field drone achievement did not pop. I had to delete the game, delete my saves, reinstall THEN play with a guide so that I got all field drones on my first go of each level without shutting down the game or going to the main menu (rest mode only). 


A huge pain but it finally popped this morning. I played on the easiest difficulty to make this go as quickly as possible.


Hoping this also fixes my Collectibles glitched trophy also but I won't find out until the end of the game...

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