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Trap wheel disappeared?


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So, I am pretty close to the end (right before the point of no return) I loaded my safe today, and my "trap wheel" just disappeared.

I press L1 and nothing happens. I tried all the other buttons in case an update changed the controls for some weird reason, nothing.


Restarted the game and Ps5 multiple times, used a different controller, but it won't open.


I can't catch any Bugsnax, voiding the plat for me, and I can't even finish the game since I obviously need the traps.


Any advice? :(

I was 99% done with everything and don't really want to start a new playthrough :(

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Yeah, deleting and uninstalling does not help either :(


I tried starting a new safe and it works fine, so it's definitely the safe and not the game.

I mean it is not a *long* game, and it's fun, but having to start over is still kinda annoying.


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