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[Video] Assassin's Creed Unity - Walkthrough and Trophy Guide [ScorpioOfShadows]


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Hello everyone,

Assassin's Creed Unity another action open world game in the Assassin's Creed franchise released by Ubisoft, this time featuring coop gameplay.

The game also has 1 DLC which brings new trophies.


Difficulty: 3/10

Duration: 50 hours + 5 hours for DLC
Offline trophies: 49 + 7 trophies from DLC
Online trophies: 2

DLC: 1 (2/10 difficulty)
Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + 1 in DLC
Number of missable trophies: None, Free Roam available


Assassin's Creed Unity is an easy game in terms of trophies:

  • Complete all main missions including the optional challenges, complete all side missions and all renovations, gather all collectibles and open all the chests, sync all viewpoints

  • Helix Rifts: Earn 3 data bonus, free 10 assassins

  • Random activities: complete 10 Crowd Events

  • Kill trophies: Assassinate 100 enemies, 10 air assassinations, 1 ground execution, Kill 20 enemies with a Long Weapon and 20with heavy weapon, Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight.

  • Coop/Solo: complete all missions, Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission in Paris, Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns

  • Coop/Online: Revive a partner, Perform 10 Co-op sync kills.

  • Miscellaneous trophies: Drop 20 Money Pouches in the streets, Watch a play in the Café Théâtre, Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony, Sabotage 5 alarm bells in Paris, Lockpick 5 doors.

  • DLC: complete all main and side missions

  • DLC Kill trophies: Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun, Kill 15 Raider leaders.





If you prefer a website version with better displays of all the videos rather than a huge YouTube playlist, you can check the whole playlist here: https://www.scorpioofshadows.com/games/assassin's-creed-unity

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