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Tech Menu Underflow Glitch - Use Mystic Artes Any Time

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This is a glitch that is exclusive to the PS3 and Steam ports of Symphonia. With it, you can access negative values in the Tech Menu and equip skills that belong to other characters, ones that were cut from the game (like Lloyd's Aurora Slash), or ones that are glitched to all hell. Unfortunately, it seems that pretty much any Tech applied in this way will either crash the game or do nothing at all. However, there is one exception to this, and that's the Mystic Artes. Once a character's Mystic Arte has been unlocked, you can find it in the glitched Tech Menu and equip it like a normal skill. This is especially useful for getting Colette through the Advanced Singles Coliseum, since she has the hardest time with it. Here's a small gallery of the glitch being performed: Imgur Link



So here's how it works:

  1. You must have at least 7 Techs unlocked to fill out one page of the Tech Menu
  2. Using the D-Pad, scroll down to the very bottom of the Tech Menu
  3. Using the Right Stick, push down once, then push up until your cursor is on Tech #0
  4. Use Left and Right on the D-Pad to cycle through the negative values



Things to note:

  • DO NOT use a Mystic Arte during a Unison Attack. You will crash the game.
  • You still need to unlock a Tech to be allowed to use it. You can find future Techs in the menu, but equipping them will do nothing. This applies to Mystic Artes as well.
  • The order in which the glitched menu is organized is seemingly random. If you can't find your character's Mystic Arte, either rearrange your party or try equipping the spell to a different slot.
  • Values past -30 don't seem to offer any interesting results, so I wouldn't bother checking past that point.



And that should be everything! Let me know if if there's anything I forgot to mention, or if you discovered anything cool on the glitched menu!

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