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Retro arcade games on Vita that will be delisted


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Now although Hamster arcade archives do not work on Vita there are several arcade games you can play on Vita via the PSP store.


I would highly recommend people buy all these if you love arcade games and didn't realise Vita had any arcade games playable on the system.

Also, almost all of these are not on Hamster arcade archives either. Many are the same games as on PS3 and PS4 Capcom arcade collections.


Unfortunately none of these have trophies, so if that bothers you, look at away now! ;)



"Capcom Classics Collection Remixed"  15ish games


Game highlights :- 1941, Captain Commando, Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Strider, Street Fighter 1 (lol), Mega Twins, 3 Wonders


"Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded" 15ish games


Game highlights :- 1942, 1943, Ghosts N Goblins, Ghouls and Ghosts, Commando, Mercs, Street FIghter II,Champion and Turbo, King of Dragons, Knights Of The Round


"Capcom Puzzle World" -


Game highlights :- Pang, Super Pang, Pang 3, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo




SNK have about 8 games on the store (minis) at 1.99 each. My pick of favourites (and ones I bought) are:-


- Gang Wars

- Prehistoric Isle

- Street Smart

- Guerilla War

- Ikari Warriors

- Victory Road


Some honourable mentions and not arcade games, but retro Amiga games, you can get Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies.

I loved these on my Amiga and it has the proper Amiga music too, a great port of both, and you can also play it horizontal or vertical screen.

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