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Problems with Difficulty Settings.

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The game offers you two difficulty settings, Easy Mode and Challenge Mode, but after tried them both couldn't find any difference, it seems that both choices point out to easy mode and there's no baddies to be found lol. Has this happened to anyone else? The game arrived recently so if this is a problem i hope they can fix it soon so we can enjoy the game to its full extent. In the meantime i would advise to any trophy hunters interested in this title to avoid it or play it in a ps4 ghost account as i did. Cheers to everyone

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My understanding is that they'd originally had enemies scattered throughout the game. Sometime during development (patch notes on steam say v1.2.0 https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/857950?emclan=103582791462539041&emgid=5280989900257061839), they decided to get rid of nearly all of the enemies in the main game to focus on the puzzle/platforming elements. The patch notes linked above are dated about 2 years before the PS4 release, so I suspect it was always in this state (at least on PS4).

Supposedly, the main difference now is how much damage bosses do and how quickly health regenerates.

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