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Any advice on the 100k Trophy?

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Hi, Just wondered if anyone has any advice on how to get the 100k trophy. I'm really struggling with this. What settings to have the game on? I'm assuming to increase the game time to max is best?
Is it best to take your time on the 1st level, and collect the score pick ups or is it better to get to the bottom of the hill as fast as possible without falling over?
On the 2nd I'm assuming collecting all the points is best, and avoid hitting the flags? Or again is better to ignore them and get to the end a.s.a.p?
Ski jump is obviously best if you jump and land correctly for the bonus points. I've tried creating save states but no matter how well I'm doing I run out of time, I think the best I've done is 3 loops of the game.


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Yes definitely have the game time set to max, and lower the amount of points for time extension as much as possible. The ski jump you have to hit the jump button as close to the end of the ramp as possible and that’s how you’ll get the highest bonus score, there is also a setting to make the bonus score higher in settings.

I’m having a bit of trouble with this 100k myself currently, I went for the points on the track a few times and keep running out of time around 80-85000.. and about 4 loops.

I then watched a video on YouTube where the guy gets it in only 11 minutes lol and he basically just goes down the hill as fast as possible. The points go up really fast while you hold accelerate so I think that’s the trick to it. 

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