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Question about cross platform


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On 7/12/2021 at 2:36 PM, ChristSupremacy said:

Are you able play on PC, earn everything there and then login to your PSN and the trophies would pop? Has anyone tried this or know of anyone who has? I could see this being a lot easier to achieve honestly.


Apparently you can't. Did the requirements for Steel Hunter and Bird Catcher on PC, log into my PS4, played for a few more rounds (with some kills, both tanks and killing air planes with anti-air), but nothing pop up. I guess you have to do it everything on PS4.


Which is not much of a surprise, since the fastest completion on the 100% club is done in slightly more than 1 month, longest being 4 years.

The only thing that I think you can do on PC instead of PS4 is the grind to getting rank 4 vehicle for 5 required nations, which I don't think serve any purpose since you still need to get the 10 wins each on PS4.

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Has anyone tried xbox to Playstation or reverse? Perhaps if you start on a playstation platform you can cross pop to others including another playstation platform, or maybe it's only within the bounds of a platform.

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On 12/4/2023 at 9:37 AM, MrTrivet said:

If anyone is interested, yes it is possible to reverese autopop PS5->PS4 version of War Thunder. I've completed PS5 version in 4 months and all trophies popped immediatelly after 1st battle on PS4 version.


I was wondering the same, was a little on the edge to play the PS5 version because my PS4 torphy list would be incomplete. Any visible improvements on the PS5 version that worth the trouble to re-download the game?


Also, any tips to get the Hero of the Sky award? Most kills I got on Arcade Air was 8. I'm mainly missing this and Heavy Metal Hero.

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