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Tips and tricks for this platinum

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This will/ may contain spoilers, this is a list of compiled tips and tricks to help you on your journey to the platinum, in no particular order. 
The Raven fight in under a minute and ten seconds. This is probably the worst trophy.  Buried down in the comments section of PowerPyx’s video, Dan Trinder states,” before jumping down and running through the double doors to the boss arena. Instead, clean up all the adds, then turn around to where you needed to duck under and just unload all your weapons into the Raven, eventually he will stand still, that’s when you know you’re ready.” By doing this, you just avoided the first phase of the boss. Run into the arena and the first hit should initiate your grab and jab attack. Now just finish the boss off for good. This has been tested solo on initial install without patches, and coop on ultimate badass. This trophy is highly doable. 
Multiplayer grind, my boosting partner and I found that one of the better levels to grind specific kills, was playing on hive. It’s three stories tall and fairly small width wise due to its height. It has a large shaft to drop straight to the bottom of the map from all stories. 
Getting to level 60 on marine. I haven’t seen anything of this posted, but hosting a private match with only yourself nets you free XP if you play survival mode. It’s not a huge sum. But with a turbo controller and the X button held, every 15 minutes you will gain free experience points. It took a bit over 24 hours to grind out the full lot. If you can’t be bothered to grind out the last level over and over, here’s the set it and forget it method. 
Every kill is saved, any progress you make on a specific kill, you can reset the checkpoint and farm the first enemy. This is very handy for any kills you need to get without dying in between. 
I’m honestly sure there’s plenty more info we came across during our grind, I will update this thread with anything else I can remember, please feel free to add to this to help anyone else out. 

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