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Getting Tartan?

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I've looked everywhere online, and they all say to have good 'ol Tak go into town and buy you something, then go to his house at 6-8PM and it'll trigger a cutscene. I'm having a lot of issues with getting it to trigger, and I'm halfway through chapter 3 already. How have you guys managed to get him? Is there anything else I'm missing or doing wrong? A few forums said it didn't matter, but I am friends with him.

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Sorry if I'm too late in answering this. I was having the same problem as well; Befriending Tak, ordering something and going into his home at around 7PM and the cut-scene would never trigger. I read somewhere that the cut-scene happens depending on "how much work you do" around the farm. I'm 90% sure this is true because I planted enough tomato seeds to fill both of my fields, tried again the next day and the Tartan cut-scene worked the first time I entered Tak's house.


Basically, try planting about 50 crops (I did Tomato seeds since Tartan's introduction mentions Tomatoes) and try again. Hopefully this helps.

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