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Platinum Trophy Tips and Help


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I just got the ?Platinum? for this game and want to share my knowledge.

Some tips for the Platinum:

  • Save the game frequently, you never know when you'll die or fuck a trophy up.
  • Draw in a paper/spreadsheet the layout of your world (5x5 meaning 25 total islands) and mark which ones are boss fights/escape island.
  • Mark one by one which island you already visited (might help for finding the 3 survivor remnants or a specific item).
  • Leave the boss fights for last.
  • Never use a compass (don't even hold one in your inventory) and never use the gyrocopter (just fully craft it).
  • Kura and Quwawa fruit do NOT respawn, once you find one keep it and plant it. (I think you only need 2 of each for two trophies)

I now have a well understanding of the game and I'm open to answering any questions regarding trophies or game info in general. Use this thread and I'll try to help you guys ☺️

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