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Stuck in Cosmodrome. Tried 2 times.


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First of all - hi all! My first post so I bow low.

How to hell I get to the tower?!

OK. So I've been playing D1 some time ago (many hours), now just downloaded D2 and started the game (just like that, skipped all cinematic straight to the game). Killed all foes (following the "direction arrow" or you name it. Got to the point when that arrow no longer show, going to the orbit will not get me to the tower. I've seen few YouTube videos showing that in 30 minutes you just finish first objectives and the shuttle gets unlocked and voila. 


I'm already 5 hours playing, finished all available bounties from shaw, finished rare challenge or what is that yellowish coloured thing. A "Guardian Rises" does not appear on the map (of course - it's finished!). Nothing.

I started new Guardian, did the "Guardian Rises" again aaaand... Same stuff. 


HELP. What did I miss? What do I need to do.


PS. Played on XBS - I seek for help everywhere

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