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Question about the Sunspotter trophy


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Hey guys, this might be kind of a silly question because I'm quite sure that I do know the answer. But after experiencing how there's so many things the game never tells you about it's mechanics if you just follow the basic button inputs the game gives you, I'm worried that something trivial as this might also have something more to it than meets the eye.


So what's my question? It's how many finishers that count for Sunspotter will I have accumulated after unlocking the Ultimate Ultra and Superior Super trophies? I would expect 100 meaning I need 250 more. But honestly I don't want any surprises with this so I'd be grateful for a little feedback on that.

As to why this is so important to me in the first place. I started making it a habbit to make a little video capture of when I unlock a platinum and post it on my Instagram profile. Silly I know but I like to do it. And since my phone cam doesn't make long videos I want to narrow it down to when exactly the 350th finisher will occur. So yeah, I ask this now so that you guys don't tell me later "Well Ivotas, the discription says 350 finishers but it actually pops at 340 for whatever reason". That would be a letdown. xD

So yeah, thanks for reading and hope someone can confirm this. :)

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