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Missed "Friends with Benefits"? Possible solution!


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Hey all, I was bummed when the "Friends with Benefits" trophy didn't pop for me after doing all the companion activities during Chapters 3 and 4 today — seems I didn't do any during Chapter 2 when I last played this game over a year ago.


But I may have found a strange solution! Survivalist challenge 1 was still locked for me, and I read that it's usually unlocked when completing "A Fisher of Men" during Chapter 2. So, I gave that mission a replay, and when it ended, the Friends with Benefits trophy popped! Fishing with Jack isn't listed in the platinum guide as an activity that contributes to this trophy, but strangely enough, replaying the mission worked for me!


I hope this helps others, as I was really dreading starting a new playthrough for just this trophy.


TL;DR: If you forgot to do a companion activity during Chapter 2, but you've done them for Chapters 3 and 4, try replaying "A Fisher of Men" from Chapter 2. It worked for me!

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