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Trophy calculation incorrect on friends profile

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My friends profile is showing an incorrect trophy count at the top. The profile is https://psnprofiles.com/TheRedQueenBee


At the top, it currently shows 1264 trophies with 233 golds and 709 bronzes. Their actual count is 234 golds and 711 bronzes. It says 3 hidden so that would all make sense, but there are non hidden.


UPDATE: Figured out the game that is causing it. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/11984-destiny-2/TheRedQueenBee It is showing as 10 in the base game and 4 in the DLC, yet 17 total. I assume PSNP has struggled to scan it and won't check again now until the count changes?


Original comment before I knew where the issue comes from:

If you count up the gold trophies scanned into PSNP, there are 234 there. Same with the bronzes, there are 711. So the profile has correctly scanned in all trophies and is showing them, but the count at the top is incorrectly showing the wrong values (Yes I did enter all the data game by game into a spreadsheet to verify the count)


I have compared their profile here with another site and the count matches exactly for every game. It is purely down to the top bars data being incorrect. Any help would be appreciated, I assume it is a site bug.


I have more experience with bug hunting than my friend which is why I am making the post instead of them



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