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Nexomon Location Guide + post game catching


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Regular game + Late game (after complete story)

During gameplay, you will catching lots of Nexomons. But it happends, after beating story, you need to catch 1st evolve stadium Nexomons or so.
Really good guide is from Darlot.


Nexomon location guide - fyi: after beating story, your hometown will be completly different with 60+lvl Nexomons, then skip this region

Nexomon wikipedia - completly Nexomons listing with evolve stadiums, and lots of informations



I miss some Nexomons, but i am frustrating with catching. Is there some easiest way how to catch them?

Yes, there is. After beating story you will get access into the new world/location called Netherworld. In that world is girl, which de-evolve your 50lvl Nexomons on 1st evolve stadium + make is stronger Nexomons under 50lvl cant been de-evolve). But be carefoul, you can de-evolve only regular Nexomons catching in your world, you cant de-evolve pink stared Nexomons. 


Fastest way to lvl up my Nexomons after beating story?

Your hometown location. Its full of 60lvl Nexomons. Get one high lvl Nexomon, 5x low Nexomons which you need evolve and turn on your trinkets for share and multi exp.


How can i get that 7 special legendary Nexomons?

You need to beat 60 warders around the world. Every 10th Warder gives you one legendary Nexomon into the your inventor.


Easiest way how to catch legendary Nexomons?

Go into the Netherworld. Turn on your Nexomon Legendary Radar and just enter and leave two areas. What doest it mean enter and leave? Just go on one screen, and when your radar dont show legendary, just go back on screen before. Repeat it. Its fastest way how to catch them + its work on 1h. Then just sit, turn on some good music and relax. What is important, and think about it. This means that when you see the grass shaking, you only have two chances to guess where it is. If you don't guess, the legendary will escape and you need start over.


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