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The Ballad Of Gay Tony Dancing Glitched/Frozen


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I can't continue the story of The Ballad of Gay Tony because the dancing just freezes. Everyone else around me is still dancing but me and the girl are just standing still. There are no buttons to press to do the dance mini game. Just standing still. It's kind of funny if this wasn't the last few trophies I need! Anyone have any ideas?


I tried dancing at a different club outside of the story and it does the exact same thing.

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if it's a digital game, you can try downloading again to fix this issue. in the last case maybe you need a fresh save, but for this trophy it shouldn't cost you much

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Usually, when an unexpected glitch/bug happens, it means it's an installation problem. Something similar happened to me on Far Cry 3. If you have the disc, delete the game data (not your savedata) and reinstall it by putting the disc in again. 

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