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Parry On Trophy can be done Online.


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Hello, I have an alternate method for Save Your Nuts' Party On trophy.


I believe this can be done online. If you do not have the other three PS4 controllers, then it's a good way to do this method.


Step 1: Start the game on either version you're on. (NA and EU)

Step 2: Head to "Online Multiplayer"

Step 3: The lobbies are empty so you can find someone on PSNProfiles here.

Step 4: Select "Create Game", have the max players to 4, and Choose any mode if you want.

Step 5: When you jump in the character selection, Invite someone who are in the boosting session.

Step 6: Have all players ready and there you go, you got the Party On trophy.


Hope this method helped you.

And do I forgot the mention that PS Plus was required for this method.

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