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Some random trophy tips...


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  • Dog Squad has become extremely easy since the update. Just check the 'all dogs' box and invite whatever dogs you find, they can all drive on this setting and do all kinds of human stuff, easy peasy.
  • I was having lots of trouble finding some Landmark Sites, but it turns out you just need to play in the highest difficulty setting and then visit locations where there is someone in distress or someone to recruit in the biome before the Landmark you need. They will say they know a secret spot up ahead. Add them to your team. That person needs to survive to the next biome, and then they show you the Landmark location.
  • Burglary only popped for me when I didn't kill anyone before stealing. Not sure about after.
  • Pacifist also counts kills made by others. Monster killing monsters count, NPC's killing monsters count, etc. So be super careful.
  • Countdown sucks. You have a set amount of seconds to complete turns in. There is a base amount and it adds a few seconds for every person on your team, but not a lot. I found that a team of two or three worked best for me, more than that is quick chaos. Also: forget about inventory management, there's no time for that. There's no time limit between stops so make sure everyone is well prepared before travelling to the next spot. What worked wonders for me, especially towards the end, is to take a quick picture of the level when you arrive, pause the game, and study it a bit before continuing.


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