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Hard crash after failing dung beetle bridge


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After reaching the dung beetle town and creating the bridge for the beetles looking to cross the pond I have hard locked my game. The bridge I created had a small gap at the very end and the beetle crossing got stuck going up the final wall, when I tried to intervene and give him a boostie he fell into the water facing upwards; this failed the quest. That wouldn't be an issue but when I tried to retry the quest he was still facing up towards the sky, and when I talked to him my game crashed to 'desktop', and now whenever I try to launch from my most recent save the game crashes again. 


I hope this can be fixed with an update. This was my last area to explore of the starting three. It's a few hours of progress gone and I already restarted after the bee area for the 'eating no flys' trophy. 


Please God update in a way that lets me pick up from that save. 

Upload a save to the cloud before you attempt this bridge section!!!

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