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Hard puzzles solved!

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Some of the tips below have spoilers, so be careful when reading.


Bassam's Store


In this part you must find out what Vera Security has to do with the theft of the painting, in this, there is a lady who has a problem with a cockroach and in order to continue in the story, you must catch the cockroach. When you enter Vera Security and talk to the lady, you must pick up a box of matches that is on the table, you try to put the cockroach there, you will realize that you cannot, so you go to Bassam's store, he suffers from a headache because of a poster, you must remove the wire (you will use it later) that protrudes from that poster followed by arranging the letters to form the word Aladdin. Bassam will be very happy with this new name and will give you a cookie which will serve as a hook to put the cockroach in the matchbox.


Hobbs Studio


After being in the Russian's mansion, George and Nico go to investigate Hobbs, in order to talk to him you need to call his attention since he doesn't answer the door, in that case the vehicle's horn will be used. When you try it you will realize that it does not work, you will have to open the hood of it, and look for some cables in the garbage, when you have the 2 cables, place one that goes from horn 1 to horn 2, the other you place from horn 1 to the battery or to the wiring that goes directly to the motor, once placed you are going to cut the second cable that you placed using the nail clipper, in this way you will now have another cable that will complete the circuit.


Missable Trophies


there are several missable trophies but there are only 2 that are the most difficult to know how to solve:


Hidden Goat Easter Egg


When you enter the gallery room for the first time, there are many personal things of Henri, there are many things that the game itself will let you know that they are to touch, but for this trophy you will not know it at a glance, you must touch several times at once goat head that is on the top shelf, this is it just above the calendar, click several times until George sees it and you will get the trophy


Joey Easter Egg


With this trophy you must be careful, because it is very easy to lose, every time you visit the gallery, outside of it, there is a store right next to it, you must click on what you will see in the image below. Sometimes it will tell you something and sometimes not, the important thing is that you touch it every time you go to the gallery, before talking to anyone or entering somewhere, you must touch it



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