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How I got the big hauler trophy

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I started this lvl 43. Just to show you you don't have to do this from scratch. And I'd already collected 32 bags and it didn't pop that's with taking breaks going for dinner taking the dog for a walk and turning the ps5 off. So thort I'd try and speed run it. I had all  Melee attack upgrades and I'd unlocked the sledge hammer in the shop so I could basically 1-2 hit an enemy and went looking only for fuel and bags trying to stick to  Neighbourhoods. I also got killed at the checkpoint so i could start again with a new character i wanted to stop in the town I started counting from bag 33 as I already collected 32 bags as soon as I put bag 57 (which is 25) in the trunk the big hauler trophy popped. so don't turn off the console took me about an hour and a half to do the 25 bags

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lol really? thats insane and leaves massive room to complain about how the trophy description is worded and why it sucks donkey balls to accidentally buy the ps4 vs and not get the free upgrade to ps5 when you notice its broken because reading a game prompt crashes the entire game lol. No punctuation why shouldn't my sloppy grammer reflect the game. lmfao.

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